About Catherine Andrews

Catherine-Andrews Catherine is a consummate artist. She is a fine artist in both drawing and painting, a musician/composer, environmental eco designer, former animation filmmaker and one who displays a strong eye and talent for interior/exterior design.

She was a pioneer visionary artist, along with the renowned Joseph Parker, at the start of the ‘New Age’ movement.

In describing herself as a ‘spiritual painter,’ Catherine states, “there is nothing forced about my paintings.” Incorporating her visions into her work is “sometimes trying to fit a whole Universe into a little box.” The common themes her art reflects include the ‘Higher Realms’; spiritual aspects of romantic love; the Astral Realms and the feminine aspects of life. Her body of work is now over 90 paintings which average in size from 4 feet by 5 feet to 5 feet by 6 feet. She has also created dozens of fine drawings that are currently in collections.

Catherine was born and raised in England and as a young girl, she had visions of the etheric world around us. But those images were not all blissful or joyful. She saw the ‘dark side’ and was not in control of when her experiences presented themselves. It was in adolescence that Catherine’s world started to change as she saw the darkness diminish and the lighter, more delightful spiritual realities become commonplace for her.

Ms. Andrews has also taken her spiritual insight and inspiration off canvas. Her art is displayed in writing, music, eco architecture, film and animation. When she was 20 years old Catherine created one of the first computer animated videos entitled “Search for Source” which was based upon one of her paintings entitled “Conception.”

Her short video went on to win the “Outstanding Film of the Year Award” at the London Film Festival. Following this early triumph Catherine was invited to attend the National Film School, where only twenty-four students were accepted in all of England. She created films in psychic research and in special effects, which were ground-breaking subjects at that time.

Not only is Catherine an outstanding Visionary Artist and Film Producer – but she’s a Renaissance Artist who also produces music which can be entertained here.

In 2004, Catherine took on a very unique challenge in artistic and futuristic eco architecture. She created a project, “The Peace Tepee”, in association with the Global Peace Foundation. She designed a six-leveled series of domes that honored the Native American tradition and could be constructed at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco bay. It affirms the Native American understanding that the island was a sacred site and the long history of negative use of this property could be transformed into a 21st century Tepee with its innovative structure and positive uses. Click this link: www.globalpeacefoundation.org

Catherine also designed an environmental art gallery, viewable at this link: www.Cosmodomes.com

Catherine-Andrews Ms. Andrews continues to create inspired designs that could have a strong and positive impact for our future dwellings that we could inhabit. Her acclaimed floating eco-structure “The Crystal City” is a blueprint for a series of elegant self-sustaining cities that grow from a centralized desalination column and ‘Peoples Center.’ This concept is envisioned to be offshore of any coastline. Ocean views anyone?

Catherine has gained some serious admirers and collectors of her work. Among those who saw her art at over 40 exhibits in Europe and America (or private showings) include the following: Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Queen, Ozzy Osborne, and Pope Paul II.

Tapping into the higher source and creating images described as “uplifting, brilliant, erotic and aesthetic,” Catherine continues to deliver her spiritual messages on canvas and in fine drawings. We hope you are moved and are inspired viewing Catherine’s work.