Handwritten Romantic Greeting Cards Convey More Lasting Sentiments

As technology evolved, so did people’s way of communicating. Nowadays, it is usual for people to send out hundreds of text messages a day. Texting is now one of the most used and most convenient means of communication. Purposely abbreviated for convenience, texts are a quick and efficient way to communicate. What they lack, however, is a way to convey feeling.

Compared to traditional letters, texts do not hold the emotions that the sender wants to express. Written letters reflect a sender’s sincerity better, because the latter took the time and the effort to write down a message compared to typing it out on a cellphone or a keyboard.

Handwritten Romantic Greeting Cards Convey More Lasting Sentiments

As John Coleman writes in a blog post for the Harvard Business Review:

“Email is ‘permanent’ in its own way; our electronic messages are easy to keep and search in huge volumes. But they aren’t tangible and enduring in the same way those old notes are. We don’t print emails and display them on our desks, refrigerators, and mantles the way we do with letters and notes from friends. The physical notes are more memorable.

It may seem nostalgic, but I still believe there’s room for the handwritten note in personal and professional communication. They cost something, mean something, and have permanence in a way emails and text messages don’t.”

It is true that most people today would like to get a message across in an efficient way, but this doesn’t mean that the art of the handwritten note should be forgotten. Likewise, a special message will always be more heartfelt when accompanied with beautiful artwork, and artistically-created romantic greeting cards, such as those from the Visionary Artist Catherine Andrews, can help achieve this sentiment.

The sincere quality of handwritten notes does not just apply to lovers and love letters. A heartfelt thank you note to a friend, or lovely fine art greeting cards sent to family on special occasions would go a long way too.

(Source: Handwritten Notes Are a Rare Commodity. They’re Also More Important Than Ever, John Coleman, Harvard Business Review, blogs.hbr.org)