About the Romantic Paintings . . .

The paintings are inspirations with feelings visualized. They are meant as affirmations for those in love; those looking for love and others who are enjoying their relationships. As I believe in romantic love, I hope my art inspires people to positively envision their own romantic love with its full meaning.

About Feminine Forms . . .

Being female I relate to the feminine as my primary expression. The inspirations therefore are experiences from the female perspective. It involves nurturing and creation. Here I am being true to who I am.


About my perspective . . .

Over the years I have been asked many times to explain my work. So I wrote the meanings, as best as I could write them, on the back of each card of the painting. At times, I didn’t understand some of the visions. This lack of knowledge is not a limit, however, for I still paint what I see. Sometime later the symbolism and meanings could be understood.

When I am painting and it’s flowing, I feel in the moment. I’ve come home and know where I really belong. I can escape the traumas of the world and allow my paintings to express the great desire to share what’s been seen, especially when creating expressions of light.


Living through and experiencing the struggles, frustration, technical difficulties, disappointment and the failures . . . and at times the lack of faith, it’s about overcoming this with perseverance and quiet determination. My art is my best teacher and confidence builder knowing I can learn new techniques and carry the inspiration to create higher beauty and meaning. I so enjoy sharingmy triumphs, success, joy and the light.

About the Abstracts . . .

In some of my work, within the painting itself, are abstractions. There are hundreds of them. You can see abstracts by sectioning smaller areas of the painting into form and color. In the pictures like ‘Opening the Veil, On the Pillows of Forms, Diamond and Rose, Exhilaration, and Blue Rose’ you can see these abstracts. What do they mean for you?

[one_fourth]The Blue Rose[/one_fourth][one_fourth]The_Diamond_and_the_Rose[/one_fourth][one_fourth][/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Pillow-of-Forms[/one_fourth_last]