Visually Captivating Romantic Greeting Cards Delight and Enlighten

Visual art can be defined as visible and tangible representations of an artist’s perspective of the world. It is an extension, portrayed in a painting or a sculpture, of the artist’s beliefs and stance on various aspects of life. Whether depicting love, spirituality, or the beauty of nature, talented artists can convey their messages in ways that alternately surprise, delight, and enlighten.

Printng Cards

Aside from communicating a point of view, art can imbue mundane items with meaning—such as unique and finely crafted romantic greeting cards, for instance. Such a greeting card is can become a valued keepsake or collectible, particularly when the card design and artwork resonate with the recipient’s sensibilities. Take, for example, masterpieces by a visionary artist and spiritual painter like Catherine Andrews that continue to delight audiences around the world with illuminated depictions of the astral realm, the feminine, and the divine.

On a more practical note, it takes skill and precision to reproduce original artworks in any medium, be it on a greeting card, a giclée, or a lithographic print. An article on shares a tried-and-tested method for capturing high-quality images of a painting or illustration to be transferred onto greeting card covers.

“There’s no way around it, you need a good photo or scan of your art for printing cards, a snap taken on a cellphone camera isn’t going to do the job. But don’t rush out with your paintings and credit card to professional photographer without first trying to take the photos yourself. It’s not impossible with a reasonable point-and-shoot camera, a bit of patience and practice.

The photo must be sharp (completely in focus), the colors must be accurate (taking the photo under natural light is the easiest), and the shape of the painting not distorted (stand the painting up straight, align the camera with it, don’t take the photo at an angle). Eliminate visual debris behind the painting by placing a sheet of plain paper behind and underneath it (curve a large single piece so you don’t get a line in the background).”

Regardless of the image capture and printing technique used, it is important to capture every detail of the artwork as faithfully as possible. For anyone who wishes to bestow a unique and memorable gift, selecting an appropriate greeting card is an absolute must. A beautiful angel greeting cards, for example, is sure to bring an abundance of joy and positivity to any recipient.

(Source: Printing Cards from Your Art, Painting)